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Oslo Culture Trip

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Norway's capital city, Oslo, offers world-class art, a diverse dining scene and popping nightlife. Discover it all in three days From seafood to international restaurants, check out our list of the most notable eating spots near Youngstorget Have a look at some of the articles and reportages on Oslo produced by media from around the - Oslo's Best Art and Culture Hotels Magasinet The culture trip, valgte oss som et av de beste stedene i Oslo, der mat og kultur er viktig Check out the best art experiences around Oslo, all of which can be reached in one Several of their works are displayed in the galleries of the culture

Du kan bruke valgfag for å styrke linjefaget ditt eller gi skoleåret en mer variert faglig profil. Hvor mange valgfagstimer du kan velge, avhenger av antall linjetimer, hvordan valgfagønskene dine ligger på timeplanen og kapasitet.

Summen av begge fagtyper bør være minst 21 timer. Felles fag og aktiviteter Fellesskap blir et viktig ord når man vil beskrive folkehøgskoleåret.

Det vi gjør og opplever sammen blir gode minner.

Oslo: Best Things to Do

After that, you drive up the Heidal Valley with the largest density of heritage listed buildings in Norway. You even stay overnight in traditional houses that are typical in Heidal from the 1600s and onwards.

Many of our clients are business owners and executives, and we are passionate about introducing local Environmental, Social and Governance ESG projects in travel itineraries when requested, or arrange for them to meet local entrepreneurs to get a perspective on the destination's opportunities and challenges.

Competitive Prices We provide prices that normally compete with online rates, and our clients will have priority on value added services, such as upgrades and amenities. We select local quality partners that have the highest CSR focus, and will co-invest in local projects and initiatives that we believe in. The small village of Valldal on the other side of the fjord has cultivated strawberries for more than a hundred years, and the warm summers provide ideal conditions for tasty berries.

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Take your time at the viewpoint, which offers striking views of the valley and the hairpin bends up the mountainside. Åndalsnes is beautifully situated between the mountains and the fjord, and is a paradise for experienced walkers who would like to try more challenging walks, either with or without a guide.

Here you will find the spectacular Romsdalseggen ridge, and the Norwegian Mountaineering Centre even has indoor climbing walls for both children and adults. Åndalsnes — Kristiansund, 121 km, 1 ferry, 2 h 30 min At the Atlantic coast lies Kristiansund, scattered over four islands.

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The best way to see the town is to hop aboard the Sundbåten boat, which has carried passengers between these islands for more than 140 years! Kistefos Museum and The Twist. Take metro line 1 from Stortinget for a 35-minute journey to Frognerseteren. Try Syng for its karaoke rooms and singalong movie screenings.

Sondregate 8 Trattoria Popolare — Off the immediate radar in the Schous Bryggeri building is a neighborhood favorite for hand-made pasta and authentic Italian food. Trondheimsveien 2 Grønland As the hip east bank becomes increasingly more popular and its real estate more and more desirable, the younger art galleries and artists are spreading out into the neighboring ethnically diverse and working class areas of Grønland. To locate these galleries and other outliers check out the website Utstillingsguide for Oslo — U.

Primary Streets- Brugata, Grønlands, Grønlandsleiret and Tøyenbekken Kaffebrenneriet — Coffee bar and roastery for the Oslo-born gourmet coffee company in a 150 year old fire station. Beyond great lattes and cappuccinos they also offer artisanal fresh-pressed eplemost- apple cider that is locally made just for them and is thirst-quenching-good.

NB: They serve beverages only but you are welcome to bring in take-away. This is very much a neighborhood in transition.

The new Munch Museum will soon join its architectural ranks. They also have an outpost at the Kunsterneshus near the Slottsparken. Check out one or both to support of printed matter! With two Michelin stars this restaurant has put Oslo on the map as a food-destination and is inspiring Norwegian food enthusiasts to embrace their landscape and food traditions and bring them into the next century.

Schweigaards gate 15b, by Annette Thommessens plass, at the top of the bridge stairs The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet — Conceived as an iceberg by the Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta, the opera house itself creates a landscape that is really fun to explore.

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Inside one can enjoy the light-filled glass foyer, take a guided tour, see a performance, or just come and have a bite to eat or drink at the small coffee and lunch bar or the adjacent Brasserie Sanguine which spills out on to the terrace toward the water- all are excellent. And great art in the long awaited and much anticipated new sculpture park to rival the Vigelandsparken to the west. Ekebergparken — The new sculpture park is open! Download the app and keep an eye out for rogue art such as the knit-tree mufflers to protest the tree removal.

In the Norwegian functionalist-style its big windows and terraces make it great place to take in the views and sunsets. Kongsveien 15 Karlsborg Spiseforretning — In contrast, located just below the Ekebergrestauranten, is a small organic bakery and bistro in a restore 17th c. The fully frescoed vaulted chamber chronicling the cycle of life is just awe-inspiring.

Emanuel was the equally-talented and somewhat darker brother of sculptor Gustav Vigeland of Vigelandsparken fame.

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Only open on Sundays. Enjoying nature is part of the national psyche and Norwegians are extreme outdoor enthusiasts. So pack your hiking boots or running sneakers and join us! From the Radhusplassen there are regular ferries out to the beaches on the Bygdøy peninsula.

The little island and café of Lille Herbern off Bygdoy is a fun and relaxing escape.

Explore the Forest The beautiful lake of Sognsvann is easy to reach on metro line 3 for swimming, nature walks and picnicking. The official language used in Norwegian Bokmål and Nynorsk and Sami.

Frogner Park is also one of the must-visit cultural sites in Norway. The park is historically built in the 18th-century as a baroque park before it is landscaped as a romantic park in the 19th-century by Benjamin Wegner.

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Originally hailing from Portland ME and Brooklyn, Frankie is an intrepid traveler and seeker of design, art and culture and is happy to call Oslo a new home. Today she shares with us the some of the many charms and wonders of this Norwegian city. Thanks for such a wonderful guide, Frankie! Modern and traditional, cozy and tough, urban and rural, Oslo is a city of contrasts and in these contrasts Oslo expresses its unique identity. Each of these areas is made up of several smaller neighborhoods.

Oslo Culture Trip
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